Meet our Laureates

Six Canadian medical heroes are inducted annually into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. Their work may be a single meritorious contribution or a lifetime of superior accomplishments.  Pioneers in their field, they are role models of excellence in health in Canada and the world.

Are you interested in which Laureates relate to a specific disease, or specialty?

    James Hogg, MD PhD


    Dr. James Hogg’s brilliant career and uniquely-blended background in pathology, pulmonary physiology and molecular biology has leveraged over 40…

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    The Honourable Sylvia Fedoruk

    Cancer, Women in Medicine, Health Policy

    Sylvia Fedoruk was the only woman conducting medical-physics research in Canada in the 1950's. Her ground-breaking achievements have earned her…

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    Charles Tator, MD PhD

    Brain & Mind, Public Health, Health Promotion & Advocacy, Health and Medical Education & Training

    Since the early 1970s, Dr. Charles Tator has had a resounding impact on spinal cord injury research, prevention and treatment, and on training our…

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    Mladen Vranic, MD DSc

    Diabetes, Patient Care

    A giant in the field of diabetes research, Dr. Mladen Vranic’s career spreads over 50 decades. In that time, his ground-breaking contributions to…

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    Ronald Melzack, PhD

    Brain & Mind, Evidence-based Medicine & Clinical Trials

    Dr. Ronald Melzack revolutionized the study and treatment of pain. His pioneering theories in pain mechanisms and pain control spanning over a…

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    Tak Wah Mak, PhD

    Cells, Genetics & Genomics, Infectious Disease, Allergy & Immunity, Cancer

    Dr. Tak Wah Mak is a world-renowned Canadian scientist whose legacy includes a series of critical discoveries in fields as diverse as immunology,…

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    Jean Dussault, MD

    Hormones, Global Health

    Before Dr. Dussault’s developed a screening test for congenital hypothyroidism, millions of children developed a tragic condition known as…

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    Endel Tulving, PhD

    Brain & Mind

    Dr. Endel Tulving has arguably had the greatest impact of any single scientist on the understanding of human memory. Humble, almost to a fault,…

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    Elizabeth Bagshaw, MD

    The Early Days - Health Care Pioneers, Public Health, Health Promotion & Advocacy, Women in Medicine, Female Reproduction

    Dr. Elizabeth Bagshaw’s devotion to women’s health is a treasured part of our nation’s medical heritage. As one of the early pioneers of women in…

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