Nomination Process

We accept nominations at any time; however, the deadline for each annual induction is the second Monday in June preceding the next induction ceremony.

MONDAY, JUNE 14, 2021 - 11:59 pm: Deadline for submissions for Induction in 2022

  1. All nominations are held confidentially by the CMHF.

  2. Nominators are not required to seek the approval of their nominee. However, if selected, the CMHF will seek the consent of the nominee or next-of-kin (for posthumous nominations) prior to announcing them as an inductee.

  3. Organizations can serve as nominators but only individuals can be nominated. 

  4. Nominations may remain active for up to three consecutive selection processes and may be supplemented at any time during that time. After notice that a package will not go forward, or after the three-year period, individuals may be re-nominated for further consideration.

Please submit nominations according to the following guidelines

Nominations made by an individual(s)
Requires a nomination letter signed or co-signed by no more than two individuals (or each nominator may submit an individual letter).

Nominations made by an organization 
One nomination letter signed on behalf of the organization.

Mandatory components include:

  • A nomination letter detailing the nominee’s contributions and impact
  • MAXIMUM of two supporting letters, apart from the nomination letter(s). For nominations in the 'Leadership in research with national and international recognition for scientific contribution' category, it is strongly recommended that at least one supporting letter be submitted from an individual from outside Canada who is a recognized scientific leader in the nominee’s field. Additional support letters in excess of the first two uploaded will not be forwarded to the Selection Committee.
  • A curriculum vitae (or a letter explaining why one is not available)
  • A one-page biography, providing the essential details that have built the nominee's reputation
  • A nomination form including a citation. The Citation is a brief precis (approx. 250 words) of the nominee's contributions and impact justifying their induction into the CMHF
  • A MAXIMUM of six additional pages such as news and journal articles are optional.  Please note that support letters received within these additional pages will not be reviewed.


PREPARE: Read our helpful tips

Tips on creating a compelling nomination

REVIEW BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Review a print copy of the Nomination Form. NOTE: You cannot save the electronic Nomination Form once you have started. Use this PDF version as a guide to organizing your entire application before submitting.   

PDF of the Nomination Form


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Please email us at directed to NOMINATIONS or call 519.636.0660 if you have any questions.

The selection process occurs in early September. All nominators will be notified of the outcome of their nomination after the successful candidates have been notified and before the public announcement in October.

About the CMHF

The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame (CMHF) celebrates Canadian heroes whose work advances health in Canada and the world, fostering future generations of health professionals through the delivery of local and national youth education programs and awards.