Building our health organizations and systems The Early Days - Health Care Pioneers

All of our Laureates are people who saw potential even where others did not; they are innovators willing to try new things. Some of these Laureates did so long ago, pushing boundaries despite great challenges to create landscapes for learning and improvement to health and health care in ways we take for granted today.

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Early Days - Health Care Pioneers

  1. 1910

  2. 1911

    Maud Menten graduated from the University of Toronto and was among one of Canada’s first women to earn a medical degree

  3. Years Later

    To facilitate industrial development, Dr. Grenfell established numerous co-operative stores and created a commerce for local handicraft

  4. 1920

  5. 1923

    Despite her groundbreaking work in the field, Dr. Menten could not attain a research professorship in Canada

  6. 1930

  7. 1931

    Elizabeth Bagshaw became Director of the Planned Parenthood Society

  8. 1935

    Dr. Bethune left for a medical conference in Russia where he learned more about socialized medical care

  9. 1940

  10. 1945

    Dr. Burton was recruited to the University of Western Ontario

  11. 1950

  12. 1960

  13. 1970

  14. 1975

    May Cohen led a federal government workshop on women’s health care, as part of the Canadian government’s response to International Women’s Year

  15. 1978

    Dr. Grenfell’s fortitude, kindness and aptitudes made him a local hero

  16. 1980

  17. 1990

  18. 1991

    May Cohen co-founded the Women's Health Office at McMaster University, the first of its kind in Canada

  19. 1997

    Inaugural May Cohen Lecture in Women’s Health was delivered by the Hon. Monique Begin at McMaster University

  20. 2000

  21. 2010

  22. 2020

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