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The focus of global health is to improve health and health care equity for populations across the world. Such initiatives consider medical and non-medical disciplines including epidemiology, sociology, economic disparities, public policy, environmental factors and cultural influences.

Doctor and patient First responder
  1. 1910

  2. 1920

  3. 1930

  4. 1940

  5. July 1946

    United Nations appoints Dr. Chisholm as the executive secretary of a 16-person expert commission tasked with establishing the World Health Organization

  6. 1948

    G. Brock Chisholm became “Doctor to the World” when appointed first Director-General of the WHO

  7. 1950

  8. 1951

    WHO Constitution was accepted by 79 states

  9. 1960

  10. 1970

  11. 1972

    The International Society for Health Research (ISHR) was created

  12. 1980

  13. 1990

  14. 1994

    Dr. John Dirks was chosen as the founding Chair of the International Society of Nephrology Commission for Global Advancement of Nephrology (COMGAN)

  15. 1996

    The International Academy of Cardiovascular Science was formed

  16. 2000

  17. 2000

    Dr. Estelle Simons began her 15-year commitment to the World Allergy Organization

  18. 2000

    Under Dr. Wainberg’s leadership, the XIIIth International Conference on AIDS took place in Durban, South Africa

  19. 2000

    While president of the International AIDS Society, Dr. Wainberg organized and co-chaired the first International Conference on HIV Microbicides in Washington DC

  20. 2010

  21. 2020

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